Adding a Microinteraction

Adding a microinteraction is pretty straight-forward as well.

Step 1: Add Microinteraction File#

Navigate to the /src/microinteractions/ directory and drop in your .js file or create a directory for it if the microinteraction is a little more complex.

Step 2: Add to Switch Navigator#

protocapsule uses a high-level Switch Navigator for better optimization that allows for only loading in the screens/app experience we need at the time.

This step is to include the newly added microinteraction, to the SwitchNavigator

Open up the file /src/navigation/SwitchNavigator.js

// add navigation for microinteractions here
import AnimatedLoading from '../microinteractions/AnimatedLoading';
const SwitchNavigator = createSwitchNavigator(
// microinteractions

Step 3: Data mapping#

Finally we need to add the microinteraction to the data file so that it will display on the microinteraction tab of protocapsule.

Open up the file /src/capsule/data.js

export const microinteractions = {
animatedLoading: {
preview: require('./assets/images/animated-loading.jpg'),
title: 'Animated Loading',
desc: 'Examples of loading animations to look at (Ideation team #2)',
route: 'AnimatedLoading'

That's it, a new microinteraction has now been added to protocapsule!

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