Adding an App

Adding an app to protocapsule is pretty straight-forward.

For this walk-through I will use the Music app (that is included with protocapsule), as the example, that way you can follow along with the real code as well.

Step 1: Add App Directory#

Navigate to the /src/apps/ directory and drop your React Native/Expo app into it's own directory.

Step 2: Linking Navigation#

Wherever your App Entry file is, be sure to add these lines below. This connects the root navigation of protocapsule to be accessible within each contained application.

For this example, our App's entry file is: /src/apps/music/App.js

Now to link the navigation with the mainstack of your app, follow the steps below:

// main navigation stack
import MusicAppStack from './navigation/Stack';
class MusicApp extends React.Component {
static router = MusicAppStack.router;

Then make sure to pass down the navigation object to your App's main Navigation Stack.

const { navigation } = this.props;
return (
<StatusBar barStyle="light-content" />

Step 3: Add to Switch Navigator#

protocapsule uses a high-level Switch Navigator for better optimization that allows for only loading in the screens/app experience we need at the time.

This step is to include the newly added app, to the SwitchNavigator

Open up the file /src/navigation/SwitchNavigator.js

// add navigation for full experience apps here
import MusicStack from '../apps/music/App';
const SwitchNavigator = createSwitchNavigator(
// apps

Step 4: Data mapping#

Finally we need to add the app to the data file so that it will display on the home screen of protocapsule.

Open up the file /src/capsule/data.js

export const appsList = {
musicify: {
category: 'Ideation Team #1',
displayName: 'Music app',
icon: require('../apps/music/assets/images/icon.png'),
route: 'MusicStack'

Depending on your team's need, there is also a category bucket (displayed above ^) for grouping and better organization of the apps being created/user tested. This feature is helpful for a development team that is working with multiple design teams.

That's it, a new app has now been added to protocapsule!

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