You may want to rebrand protocapsule before sharing with your designers, devs, and/or stakeholders.

Within the protocapsule download, I've also included /creative-bundle/, a few helpful design files for you to quickly create your own splash screen and app icon.

├── /creative-bundle/
│ ├── icon.afphoto
│ ├── icon.eps
│ ├── icon.psd
│ ├── splash.afphoto
│ ├── splash.eps
│ └── splash.psd
└── /protocapsule/

New Splash Screen & Icon#

Now that you've created your new splash screen and icon from the design files above, head over to /src/capsule/assets/ and drop in the new files.

Changing Theme Colors#

To help support your new icon/splash rebranding, you can also quickly edit the colors used throughout protocapsule, main navigation background color, icon active/inactive states, etc.

Open up the file /src/capsule/constants/colors.js

// protocapsule colors & theming
primary: '#1a1054',
secondary: '#0ceff5',
// app specific usage definded here.
// allowing for quick editing/theming of the capsule
tabNavBackgroundColor: '#1a1054',
tabNavActive: '#0ceff5',
tabNavInActive: '#999999'

Spacing Grid#

By default, protocapsule uses an 8pt spacing grid, you can easily change that too, with a one line edit.

Open up the file /src/capsule/constants/globalStyles.js

// define space grid
// /////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////
// some people use 8pt grid, some 5pt
// this is setting one place then done
const spaceGrid = 8;

Page Note#


This page is just for protocapsule's main app wrapper, any of the experiences you load in via apps or microinteractions is not controlled by any of the theming, grid systems talked about above. Each app and microinteraction is standalone.